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Getting Retirement Ready

When you think about preparing for retirement, questions emerge. You may wonder how what you’ve saved stacks up against the average, or how long it needs to last. Or you might be thinking about whether you have the right investment mix for this stage of life – and market environment. We can help address all of this and more. After determining where you stand, we can help you make the most of your hard-earned income and account for the expected and unexpected in your retirement planning.


Explore these age-based guidelines to see a general idea of how much you need to save.


3x to 6x
current salary


6x to 10x
current salary


10x to 16x
current salary

Case Study

Revamping A Saving Strategy

Sarah, a 50-year-old physician, needed help getting her retirement savings back on track. The past few years, she struggled with lifestyle inflation as she tried to keep up with colleagues’ lavish spending and now had concerns about outliving her savings, as she had seen family members experience. We helped her clarify her priorities and get a handle on her cash flow, showing her how long her money might last under different scenarios. We also helped her work out an income strategy that aligned with her vision of how she wants to spend her time in retirement.

The hypothetical example above is for illustrative purposes and is not representative of any actual experience. Individual results will vary.

How Hard Is Your Money Working for You?

We can offer insights into managing and preserving wealth efficiently and effectively, personalized to your time horizon and financial situation. Retiring on your terms doesn’t have to be complicated.

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