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How We Help

From Financial Planning to Investment Management

We tailor our full range of wealth management services to wherever you are in life and your goals at each stage. Through a process that is detailed and time-tested, we go to great lengths to provide a holistic approach of custom financial planning, investment management, charitable giving and tax and estate planning strategies specifically for you.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Wealth Management is not an investment product, but rather an ongoing process designed to help you achieve your goals by making smart decisions. It begins by evaluating your current financial situation, identifying and clarifying your goals, designing the appropriate plan for pursuing them, and monitoring its progress over time. We look at planning through a wide lens and develop strategies designed to pursue your short- and long-term goals.

Your goals and needs are unique, and we believe your investment strategy should follow suit. We offer access to a wealth of high-quality investment opportunities to fit your objective, whether it is growth, capital preservation, income or other factors. Using our extensive experience with the various choices for your portfolio, we can help guide you toward investments that are the right fit for your circumstances. Our offerings include stocks, bonds and other fixed-income investments, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and more.

Investment Portfolio 
  • Organization and consolidation of accounts

  • Proprietary Models & Portfolio Optimization

  • ESG & Values-Based Investing opportunities

  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation

  • Dynamic rebalancing

  • Macroeconomic indicators and research

  • Entire universe of investment companies

  • Maximize return potential

Construct an investment plan based on your unique situation that maximizes the probability of meeting your goals

Cash Flow Management
  • Cash flow planning

  • Debt prioritization & structuring

  • Education planning

  • Employee benefits review

  • Mortgage analysis

  • Emergency fund & cash reserves recommendations

  • Credit protection

Optimize your cash flow to effectively manage debt, plan for education, and maximize the probability of meeting your goals.

Retirement Planning
  • Maximize income with dynamic withdrawal strategies

  • Lifetime taxation optimization

  • Savings Plan customized to your goals

  • Roth conversion opportunity analysis

  • Social Security Strategies

  • Pension Analysis

  • Medicare management

  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

  • Restricted Stock and Stock Options

We’ll work with you to create a customized plan designed to achieve financial independence — all while finding balance between saving for your future and living your life more fully today.

Legacy Planning
  • Estate and Gift Tax Minimization

  • Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Essential Estate document review

  • Beneficiary review

  • Coordination of document updates

  • Business Succession planning

Prepare for a lasting legacy that endures and thrives in the years to come.

Tax Planning
  • Tax-efficient investments

  • Asset-location strategies

  • Tax-focused savings strategies

  • Tax-loss and Tax-gain harvesting

  • Charitable gifting strategies

  • Income and expense bunching

  • Tax return review

Our tax planning services help you identify tax efficiencies in your assets and income, and increase income from your taxable investment accounts.

Business Planning
  • Employer 401(k) Management

  • Business Consulting

  • Business Succession Planning

 From business succession plans to personal retirement plans, we have you covered.

What to Expect

We believe that the client relationship is the business. It means doing what’s right for our clients, delivering a high level of attentive, personal service, flexibly accommodating each client’s schedule, and being involved in their lives. Having a high level of trust is essential to developing strong, lasting and successful client relationships.



As we listen to you, we learn about your objectives, your perspective on risk and your liquidity needs. We then devise a plan to support your personal goals through professional investment management and strategic planning.



Using the details you have confided in us and our access to high-caliber research and analysis, we narrow down a selection of investments and an allocation tailored to your financial objectives. We will then present our recommendations and outline the steps needed to implement your plan.



Once you have approved the plan, we put it into action by choosing investment vehicle types and services uniquely suited to your needs, goals and risk tolerance. We craft your portfolio carefully, making the most of the choices available to serve your precise situation.



After establishing your plan, we continue to monitor its progress toward your objectives and ensure it keeps working for you through all of life’s changes, continually updating you and providing ongoing support. We stay abreast of what’s ahead, helping you remain equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

Fiduciary Wealth Management

Pierson Wealth Management is committed to delivering personalized, unbiased, and client-centric financial solutions. We adhere to the highest fiduciary standards to help our clients achieve their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.

Fee-Only Compensation

We do not earn commissions or receive compensation from financial product sales, ensuring that our advice is purely driven by your financial well-being. Our fees are transparent and based on a percentage of assets under management (AUM) or a flat fee for financial planning services.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As fiduciaries, our team is legally obligated to act in your best interests at all times. This commitment to your well-being is the foundation of our client-advisor relationship.​

Transparent Reporting

Clients have access to a secure online portal where they can view their investment portfolios, track progress toward financial goals, and receive regular performance updates. We believe in full transparency in all aspects of our services.

Conflict-Free Advice

Our advisors do not receive any financial incentives to recommend specific financial products or investments. This eliminates potential conflicts of interest and ensures that our recommendations align solely with your best interests.

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